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Information on Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is a destination that is inspiring for even the most road weary traveler. Havasu Falls is on the Havasupai Reservation deep within the western Grand Canyon, but outside of Grand Canyon National Park. is here to help provide all the information you need for a trip to Havasu Falls and help you learn more about the Havasupai People whose home you will be visiting.

Our information pages will help answer frequently asked questions about Havasu Falls, tell you about weather and give you some good maps and directions. There is also some great information about the Havasupai Tribe, their culture and Supai Village which is 2 miles from Havasu Falls and where most of the Havasupai people live. If you're looking for more information on Grand Canyon National Park check out the Grand Canyon Guru. has the answers to all of the most popular questions about Havasu Falls and the Havasupai Tribe.  Below is a list Frequently Asked Questions about the turquoise waterfalls of Havasu Canyon.

Havasu Falls is a very photogenic Grand Canyon Destination.  Learn more about Havasu Falls Photos

if you haven't made it to Havasu Falls yet, or you're still on the fence as to whether or not you should go check out some of these amazing Havasu Falls video! Learn more about Havasu Falls Videos

The Havasupai Indians of world-renowned Havasu Falls have lived in the Grand Canyon for over 800 years.  Arriving circa 1300 AD, the Havasupai are known for being the only permanent, continuous inhabitants of the Grand Canyon. The name Havasupai means "people of the blue-green water," referring the pristine color of famed Havasu Falls and its surrounding pools and waterfalls. Learn more about The Havasupai Tribe

Supai Village is the tribal home of the Havasupai people, and it is the only continuously occupied settlement in the Grand Canyon.The village is 8 miles from the trailhead at Haulapai Hilltop. Accommodations include a lodge and a cafeteria.There is a post office, school, general store, and police station. There are no roads down to Supai, and everything is either carried down by pack mules or via helicopter.  Provisions are sparse, so don't plan on stocking up on gear and food for your trip here.  Learn more about Supai Village